Upcoming Halliwick courses in Jan/Feb/Mar

January 11th to 14th. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia RM 4,500.00 contact amirsgym@gmail.com

February dates TBA , Manila, Philippines

4th to 7th May 2020 , Perth, Australia AUD 1,450 .00 contact info@aquanat.com.au

Singapore June 2020, dates TBA  SingDlr, 1,500.00 contact info.littlesplashes.com.sg

Mumbai TBA, India INR65,000 .oo contact admin.kinesioprehab.com

Fezia TyeballyLMT, MAPT. Dip CST

ATU Campus Director,( Malaysia/Singapore)

Halliwick  Lecturer

Co-Founder of Amirs Gym

Website :        http://amirsgym.wix.com/therapy4specialneeds



Facebook :    https://www.facebook.com/amirs.gym