Education and Research Committee

IHA Education and Research Committee

To contact the Chair of this Committee email

Members of this Committee:

Yael Yoshei (Israel) – Chair

Montserrat Gutiérrez Bassas (Catalonia)

Konstantinos Chandolias (Greece)

Fezia Tyebally (Malaysia)

Nir Alt (Israel) – Course Registrar

The Committee is a forum for any matters related to Halliwick and education and Halliwick and research.

Its role is: –

  1. to ensure that the Halliwick Concept develops according to its basic principles and in line with new thinking
  2. to promote the quality of Halliwick Courses through the setting of minimum standards. This should ensure that all who have attended a Basic/Foundation/Module 1 Halliwick Course will have been presented with similar course content
  3. to promote the quality of Advanced Halliwick Courses through the setting of guidelines
  4. to ensure quality of Halliwick Lecturers through establishing a training path and assessing procedure
  5. to ensure quality of Halliwick Practitioners / Instructors through high quality courses and assessment procedures
  6. to share information through
    1. courses / seminars
    2. encouraging the writing and publication of articles
    3. an Information Update and items for IHA Newsletter
  7. to organise the International Course for IHA Lecturers / Trainee Lecturers
  8. to encourage research
  9. to promote the use of recognised IHA Lecturers