Basic Halliwick course in Denmark in March 2019

Part 1: 22. - 24. Part 2: 25. - 26. May 2019
The danish Halliwick Association, HASAM, are having a Basic Ccourse in the spring of 2019.
Some of the assignments and pool sessions will be based on work with swimmers from Halliwick swimming clubs, where both children and adults will participate.
The course is held in 2 parts, each over a weekend, with the expectation of individual pool training and a written assignment between the 2 parts.
Part 1: 22. – 24. March 2019
Part 2: 25. – 26. May 2019
Our lecturers do speak English, so there will be a possibility of translation to English during the course.
Course leader Bodil Foens Knudsen E-mail:
Please also see our homepage: