A report from the first national Halliwick gala in Poland!

The first National Halliwick Gala in Poland was attended by 46 players. They entered individually or in teams from all parts of the country. The Department of Water Sports of Academy of Physical Education in Krakow and Halliwick Poland Group organized this great sporting event. Second-year physiotherapy students took part in various workshops such as organization, rules of procedure and how to conduct a Halliwick Gala. During the competition, they supported the participants, led water games in the recreational small pool and acted as judges.

This Halliwick Gala is a special day and is the culmination of a year-long effort from many people. Above all, it was an important day for all the participants who came to prove to themselves and their families they are capable of many things. Some of which for others are still a big challenge.

Participation in the competition is a great motivation for further achievements. This promotes an increased effort to attend training sessions, which also has its health-promoting dimension.

Competition in the spirit of Halliwick gives everyone an equal chance of victory and above all, overcomes barriers and directs attention to their skills and abilities.

Everyone left tired but happy and smiling, with the intention of returning for another year to what will be our 2nd National Halliwick Gala.

I wanted to thank you again, HASA and HASAM for hosting and training us in Aarhus which prepared us for the effort required to organize the Gala in Poland. Watching smiling faces during the competition I am sure – we will continue!

For more photos go to: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.987703827970475.1073741874.122978084443058&type=3

Anna Olasinska, Halliwick Poland Group